Founded in 1904

Affiliated with the National Audubon Society

Our Mission: To bring the excitement of birds to our community through birding, education and the conservation of bird habitats


Current Program

PAS: The Next Generation
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
7:30 pm-9:00 pm

As many of you know, PAS’s Young Birders Club continues to go from strength to strength. Come hear what fires the passions of the next generation of Pasadena birders. We will have three short presentations from Young Birders Club members Diego Blanco, Teodelina and Justina Martelli. Topics will cover everything from keeping a field
sketchbook, through birds in art, to unravelling the mysteries of intergradation and speciation in birds.

Come meet the next generation of Pasadena birders and omithologists and find out more about the PAS Young Birders Club.

Upcoming Programs

Birds and their Names
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
Thomas J. Hinnebusch

A bird by any other name… Have you ever wondered why a Three-wattled Bellbird is so named, or why there are names like buzzard, bustard, ptarmigan, cisticola, seedsnipe, bulbul, phainopepla or phalarope. Well wonder no more! Come Join Thomas Hinnebush for an evening of everything you wanted to know about conventions used in naming birds, but were afraid to ask. Etymology, morphological derivation, the history of the English language, and the age of discovery all illustrated with Tom’s bird photos from around the globe.

Thomas J. Hinnebusch is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and African Languages at UCLA

Saving the Butcher – Recovery of the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
Justyn Stahl

San Clemente Island, located 55 nautical miles south of Long Beach, California, is home to one of the world’s rarest songbirds, the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike.  Though the shrike was listed as federally endangered in 1977, by 1998, only 14 adults were left in the wild. The U.S. Navy, owner of San Clemente Island, invested heavily in the shrike recovery program, including captive breeding and release, long-term monitoring, habitat restoration, and non-native predator control. Though the wild population reached a high of 179 adults in 2009, a new threat, increased drought, has resulted in a steady decline since then. This talk will discuss shrike ecology, the history of recovery efforts, provide an update on this year’s population size, and feature photos of shrikes and other birds of note from San Clemente Island.

Justyn Stahl has worked on San Clemente Island for over 9 years as the project manager for the Institute for Wildlife Studies’ San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Monitoring and Release Project. Aside from shrike management, he also maintains the island’s migratory bird records. He holds a Master’s Degree in ecology from the University of Florida.

Past Program

A Year of Birds in Los Angeles County
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
David Bell

Download David Bell's presentation

In 2013 David Bell and several other birders set out to see as many birds in Los Angeles County as possible. Dave crisscrossed just about every portion of the county and ended the year seeing 354 species (7 of which are introduced species). Dave will share photos and discuss the most compelling birds for each month of 2013, including some of the "birds that got away." This is sure to be a fun and motivating program as you continue your quest to see all the birds!