Bob's Gap

Saturday, April 26, 2020


7am -- early afternoon

Found in the southern Mojave Desert not far from Valyermo, Bob’s Gap Road goes through a steep rocky gap in the desert foothills of the north San Gabriel Mountains. This is one of the best and least disturbed areas for many of the desert elements in the San Gabriel Mountains. Spring wildflowers can be spectacular depending on rain of course. We will look for Mountain Quail, Scott’s Oriole, Black­throated Sparrow, Black­chinned Sparrow, Bell's Sparrow, Verdin, Prairie Falcon, Ladder­Backed Woodpecker and many other species. Bob’s Gap is historically important as a Gray Vireo breeding spot and, amazingly enough, we found one two years ago! We will check previous locations, just in case! Meet at Pearblossom Park, 121st St. East and East Ave. V­14. From there we will carpool/caravan to Bob’s Gap which is south of Pearblossom Hwy, 165th Street becoming Bob’s Gap Road. We will park near the Limekiln ruins on the east side dirt road.

Please notify the leader at if you plan to attend.

Lance Benner