July 27: Lower L.A. River – Shorebird Extravaganza, Part 1

Saturday, July 27, 2024
7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Trip Leaders: Jon Fisher & TBA

Again this year, Pasadena Audubon will be running two LA River trips looking at shorebirds. The first trip will allow us to see adult birds still in breeding plumage and the second (in August) juvenile birds and adults in basic plumage. Come and join PAS shorebird experts for a morning honing your ID skills with the common species and working out the ID challenges posed by potential uncommon species and vagrants. This is the most exciting time for shorebird migration, and the Los Angeles River can boast north of 30 species of shorebird in July and August.

Participant number: no limit

Trip details such as meeting location will be emailed to signed-up participants before the trip. At the field trip site, anticipate a paved ramp from street level up to the paved bike path along the L.A. River. We will walk slowly along the path for up to 2 miles distance.

Photo: Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus). Photo by Chris Spurgeon

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