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Pasadena Audubon Photo Contest Results


Pasadena Audubon's first photography contest was underway this summer! You can get full details, rules, conditions, right here on our site. Download the Rules and Entry Form here .

Here are the entries and winners!

Grand Prize: Great Blue Heron by Kathy Degner

Winners in the Bird Category:
First Place: Golden Hooded Tanager by Mark Scheel
Honorable Mention: Bird of Prey with Bird Riding on top by Karen Suarez

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Birdathon Results, April 25-27, 2014


195 Species for Team Irritable Owl Syndrome
143 Specties for Team Locavores
57 Species for Team Big Sit

This year the proceeds go to the Western Field Ornithologists, to the youth scholarship fund dedicated to the memory of Mike San Miguel, a well-loved PAS member who died doing field work in the San Gabriel Mountains almost five years ago. Scholarship funds help young aspiring ornithologists attend the camps and conferences presented by WFO.

You can donate a fixed amount or an amount per species sighted.

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Development in Sierra Madre


From Laura Garrett, conservation chair:
The 88-acre Mater Dolorosa Monastery is planning to sell 15-20 acres of its property to a developer who plans to build several houses there. This is potential Spotted Owl territory. CA Fish & Wildlife has already been apprised of the situation.

A coalition of Sierra Madre folks, including the Sierra Madre Mountain Conservancy, has begun the work of trying to stop this project. If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.stopmonasteryhousingproject.com.

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Hahamonga Sediment Removal Update


From Laura Garrett, conservation chair:

Now we wait. On January 21st, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works closed its public comment period on the Draft EIR of their massive sediment removal project.

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New App from Ebird -MERLIN


Here is a great new app for beginning birders!
eBird just published an App called Merlin that may be successful! The app is free

Merlin takes you through a five question process and only deals with the
over 280 of the most common birds in North America. It has the added bonus of using
the eBird database to give you results specific to your area.

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Save Hahamongna


From Laura Garrett, our conservation chair:

Birders: Some of you have asked me about the situation at Hahamongna. It is not good at all. The County is collecting comments right now about their plan to permanently remove 42-120 acres of habitat from the dam up to JPL. In their draft EIR, they said the impacts to recreation, including birding would be "minimal." It is critical that we tell them this is simply not true. Their plans also permenently destroy the habitat where the Least Bell's Vireo nested in 2012.

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