Native Plants

While planting native plants have many benefits to our ecosystem, it can promote birds’ survival by serving the essential needs–food and shelter.

Black-throated Gray Warbler. Photo courtesy of GoNativePasadena Audubon's Ashwin Sivakumar, co-chair of the Advocacy Committee, has created lots of resources for people interested in plants for birds. He also offers a downloadable brochure which suggests California native replacements for some commonly used non-natives. So if you’re considering changing a mostly non-native yard to a native, bird-friendly garden, click here.


Additional Resources

Butterflies and Birds Need Native Plants - Why Native Plants Matter: One of the best ways to invite birds into your garden is to plant a bird habitat. This means landscaping with plants that birds can use for food either directly or indirectly. If you're interested in planting such a habitat, an excellent resource is the YouTube channel for
L.I.F.E.--Landscape Integrity Films and Education. You can subscribe, and it's free!
These short films clearly explain the value of planting native plants to us and to wildlife. And they give clear tutorials on how to create a native garden.

For a sample, please enjoy the film right here:

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from interviews Lisa Novick, Director Of Outreach at the Theodore Payne Foundation located at 10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, California. These videos run about 20 minutes each but are well worth watching.